Leith Victoria Swim Centre

JGM have recently finished on-site following the completion of an extensive, six-month-long renovation programme on Leith Victoria Swim Centre.

Leith Victoria Swim Centre is over 120 years old, first opening in 1899.

JGM worked on upgrading Power Distribution Systems throughout the project, Containment solutions including steel cable trays, trunkings and conduit systems – all containment runs have been kept as discreet as possible to maintain the period features of the building.

JGM carried out the upgrade of the General and Emergency lighting systems. A mixture of LED sources have been combined to provide both an efficient and aesthetic lighting installation. In and around the pool changing areas energy efficient LED lighting has been added with local automatic lighting control to allow an energy saving solution.

The Main pool lighting now allows scene setting via android tablet control to allow staff to set lighting locally to the poolside.

A new emergency lighting system to cover all areas of the building was also installed. The installation provides emergency lighting backup throughout by a network of self-contained and combined general and emergency units, all of which provide three hours of operation in the event of loss of power.

A new four-zone accessible WC alarm system with battery back-up has been installed, with a call system installed in the Disabled Toilet Reception, both the shallow and deep ends of the pool area and also the poolside first-aid room.

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